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Experience the power of nature

A beautiful bar of artisanal soap is really the purest thing you can use to cleanse your skin and hair.

Nature Bar was founded in 2020 in Amsterdam by me (Marlies van Heusden). During my stay in Latin America I saw with my own eyes the impact of our current (over)consumption. Piles of plastic waste as far as I could see before I could even reach the ocean. But also people who lived off the grid, and where still fully connection with nature. From leaf to root everything was used. Deep down in the Amazon there was no waste. And that inspired her. If they can do it there, why can’t we?

There deep in the Amazon I decided to contribute to the solution and not the problem.

Nature Bar is about reconnection with nature and each other

It’s in the little things, packing your order with care and once in a while with an extra mini bar, making myself available through email or Instagram, and using a repurposed ingredient. I hope to help you to take better care of yourself and nature.

Thank you for your trust, and for joining me on this journey back to nature.

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Our mission

Challenging the status quo of skin care

Did you know that 9 out of 10 cosmetic products contain microplastics?

At Nature Bar we prefer to look at how things can be done differently, that is why we only work with 100% natural ingredients such as organic shea butter and calendula, ingredients that use the power of nature.

And why we use everything nature has to offer. That is why every soap and shampoo bar contains a repurposed core ingredient. Think of a rich and creamy body bar made with repurposed orange peels.

Plus we stay away from mineral oils, microplastics, silicones and palm oil. Because that is not what you skin nor the planet needs.


“Let’s raise the bar together! Your skin and the planet deserve it.”

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Artisanal natural soap & shampoo bars

Soap store in Amsterdam

In the soap store in Amsterdam, the natural soap bars and shampoo bars are handmade according to artisanal methods. Each cold process soap is hand-poured and hand-cut, using the finest botanicals, butters and oils plus a repurposed ingredient.

Our soap base is sustainably sourced and made with organic shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower and castor oil. These natural ingredients work together to nourish and gently cleanse the skin without causing dryness.

We only use fragrances derived from natural essences. Each fragrance is carefully developed in-house to capture the power of nature and give a unique subtle and delicious scent.


Founded by Marlies van Heusden

I am an imperfect zero-waster, minimalist and composter.

From an early age I was often playing outside and fascinated by everything that grows. There was nothing I loved more than walking around barefoot all summer. Unfortunately, I really wasn’t careful, so my mother often had to grab the calendula balm.

Can you imagine how surprised I was when I found a piece of handmade soap with calendula petals in a shop in Mexico. Until then it had never occurred to me that calendula is a flower. The rich natural oils in the calendula soap made my skin healthy again and healed mosquito bites quickly. A small bar of soap suddenly replaced several large plastic bottles in my backpack and brought me closer to nature.


Vegan & cruelty free

Fighting waste

Zero plastic

“I remember being amazed at the power of that bar of soap. Tiny effort, big gesture, bug impact!”

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