Handmade soap

Artisanal made

In the soap store in Amsterdam, the pure natural soap and shampoo bars are handmade according to slow artisanal methods. So just like you, every handmade soap is unique.

In addition, each soap and shampoo bar is 100% natural. We use everything nature has to offer. That’s why every soap & shampoo bar contains a circular ingredient.


Comparing factory soap with artisanal handmade soap is a bit like comparing factory bread with sourdough bread from an authentic bakery.

Why we choose handmade soap?

A big misconception about soap is that it dries out your skin. Handmade artisan soap gives it a mild cleans. And does not strip your skin of its natural fats, an artisanal pure soap hydrates your skin.

We choose to make every Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar by hand in our soap shop in Amsterdam.

Handmade natural soap

The handmade natural soap and shampoo bars from Nature Bar also contain 100% natural ingredients. Powerful botanical ingredients that harness the power of nature. Like calendula, this ancient panacea is known for its restorative power.

Soapmaking methods

Today, almost all soaps bars are machine-made. This is much cheaper and faster than traditional handmade soap.

We choose the purest way of making soap. The traditional method in uses low temperatures and is called the cold process method. This is a pure artisanal and slow process. The soaps have to cure for 4-6 weeks. By using low temperatures, the vitamins and minerals are preserved as much as possible. And your skin will thank you for this.


Soap store

All Nature Bar are made in the soap store in Amsterdam. Although I prefer the name soap Atelier myself, the official name of the workplace of a soap maker (soap maker) is a soap store.

Come and check out our soap store!


Vegan & cruelty free

Fighting waste

Zero plastic

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