Natural ingredients

We use everything that nature has to offer

Natural ingredients

In the soap store in Amsterdam, the pure natural soap and shampoo bars are handmade according to slow artisanal methods.

Each soap and shampoo bar contains carefully chosen rich oils such as organic olive oil and shea butter. Powerful botanical ingredients that harness the power of nature. Like calendula, this ancient plant is known for its restorative power.

A pure bar of artisanal soap is really the most luxurious thing you can use to cleanse your skin and hair.

Repurposed ingredient

We use everything that nature has to offer.

That is why every soap and shampoo bar contains a repurposed ingredient.

Together with local entrepreneurs, Nature Bar fight waste and work towards a circular economy. Think of a body soap with repurposed orange peels, from a local juice bar.

We love searching for and working with the best natural ingredients and like to tell you all about these amazing ingredients. Read all about it in the articles below.

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