Natural soap

Experience the power of nature

We choose to work with 100% natural ingredients. Each soap bar contains carefully chosen rich oils such as organic olive oil and shea butter. Powerful botanical ingredients that harness the power of nature. Like calendula, this ancient panacea is known for its restorative powers.

Every soap and shampoo bar is handmade in our soap shop in Amsterdam. We use everything nature has to offer that is why we use a repurposed ingredient in very bar.


A beautiful bar of artisan soap is really the most luxurious thing you can use to cleanse your skin and hair.

What is Natural Soap?

Natural soap does of course not automatically mean vegan. For example, a natural soap can also contain animal fat, beeswax, dye from lice, etc. I am convinced that these substances are not necessary for a lushes mild natural soap. That is why every soap from Nature Bar is vegan. But what exactly is natural soap? And what makes natural soap better than synthetic soap. I’d love to tell you more about it.

Natural soap is characterized by the solo use of natural ingredients, naturally this is also accompanied by the traditional production method. Both are pure and costly.

Why natural soap is better for your skin

A big misconception about soap is that it dries out your skin. Handmade natural soap and shampoo bars gives a gives a mildly cleanse. And does not strip your skin of its natural fats, a pure natural soap hydrates your skin.


Natural soap is rich in glycerin. This moisturizing ingredient has a positive effect on your skin elasticity and the repair of the skin barrier. This makes glycerin a super valuable ingredient. So valuable that many cosmetic products add glycerine to ‘more expensive’ face creams. While this ingredient can already be found naturally in natural soap. Learn more about glycerin here.


How do you recognize the difference between synthetic soap and natural soap?

A good test is a look at the label of a natural soap bar. Real natural soap often does not contain many different vegetable ingredients. Other ingredients such as foam improvers, dyes, perfume, preservatives, parabens, SLS, etc. certainly do not necessarily make a soap better.

Not convinced yet? Read 5 reasons to switch to natural soap.


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