Palm oil-free soap

palmo oil

The tropical rainforest is being cut down all over the world at a rapid pace. Large international companies are building huge palm oil plantations. Together we can stop this!

Palm oil in food

Did you know that this oil is found in an incredible amount of foods these days? Shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, bread, spreads, cookies. Just a few everyday products that contain palm oil. Fortunately, it is also possible to produce all these products with other oils.

At Nature Bar we choose to work with other oils, and therefore only produce palm oil-free soap.

There is considerable controversy surrounding this fat. We believe it is important that you as a consumer have all the information you need and that you can make an informed choice. That is why we clearly explain what palm oil is exactly and why we say NO to it.


What is palm oil?

There are two types of palms from which the oil can be extracted. The Elaeis guineensis and Elaeis oleifer . This can be done in two ways: directly from the fruit of the tree or from the pit of the fruit. Palm trees only grow in tropical areas, but are native only to West Africa and South America.

What are the benefits of palm oil?

Production is relatively cheap, and a palm tree can produce up to ten times more oil than soya, rapeseed or sunflowers. It can also be used as a biofuel. The palm oil industry has therefore provided an enormous economic boost to countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. These countries are currently the two largest producers of palm oil. So far so good you would say. But the enormous growth of the palm oil industry is now causing major problems.

What are the drawbacks of palm oil?

The problem is not the oil itself, but the way it is produced. Due to the high demand, production nowadays unfortunately goes hand in hand with:

– Deforestation and land grabbing

Monoculture plantations (plantations where only one crop is grown) such as palm oil plantations are an important reason for deforestation, in addition, areas of imhenian peoples are taken and given to palm oil companies. The result is the destruction of ecosystems and animal habitats.

– Pollution

Many chemicals are used on the plantations, these end up in the soil and water and cause a lot of pollution.

– Corruption and human rights violations

Expanding the plantations often goes hand in hand with bribery, corruption and human rights violations. Working conditions are very bad on many plantations. Sometimes there is even child labour.

Are there sustainable variants?

There are a number of companies that call their production sustainable. These then carry the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) certificate. Unfortunately, the RSPO certificate does have snags. For example, palm oil producers and processing companies can simply become members of the RSPO. Their activities are not always certified. In addition, the RSPO pays no attention to the ban on the destruction of forests. Unfortunately, the demand for sustainable palm oil on the world market is also small. Only 14% of all palm oil has been designated as sustainable by the RSPO.

Are all Nature Bar soaps palm oil free?

YES! At Nature Bar we choose to produce only palm oil free soap .

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