Ironically enough the cosmetics industry is a very dirty industry. Did you know that 9 out of 10 cosmetics contain microplastics?

We owe it to the planet to take better care of it and to use raw materials differently. By switching to a natural soap and/or shampoo bar, you take better care of yourself and a cleaner world.

“Let’s raise the bar together! Your skin and the planet deserve it.”

healthy natural skin
Artisanal natural soap & shampoo bars


Vegan & cruelty free

Fighting waste

Zero plastic

100% Natural

Experience the power of nature

Nature Bar is about reconnection with nature and each other. Each soap and shampoo bar contains carefully chosen rich oils such as organic olive oil and shea butter.

Powerful botanical ingredients that harness the power of nature. Like calendula plus a repurposed ingredient. These natural ingredients work together to nourish and gently cleanse the skin without causing dryness.


We use everything nature has to offer

That is why every soap & every shampoo bar contains a circular ingredient.

Together with local entrepreneurs, we fight against waste and work towards a circular economy. Think of a body soap with orange peels, from a local juice bar and a beer shampoo bar made from grains that are left over after brewing beer from an Amsterdam brewery.

Together we fight waste and work towards cleaner city and a better environment.


Artisanal made

In the soap Atelier in Amsterdam, the pure natural soap and shampoo bars are handmade according to the ancient artisanal and traditional methods. Each cold process soap is hand-poured and hand-cut, using the finest botanicals, butters and oils plus a repurposed ingredient.

A beautiful bar of artisanal soap is really the most luxurious thing you can use to cleanse your skin and hair.

Honest about soap

We can promise you one thing: we will never develop anything that is bad for your skin and nature. This means that we consciously choose to avoid all ingredients that may pose a risk to health and have negative effects on nature. That is why all our products are free of mineral oils, microplastics, silicones and palm oil. And we consciously choose not to work with mica powders.

Next to that, we will always be honest and not make false claims. To hopefully make the world of personal care a little less complicated and cleaner.

Let’s raise the bar together! Your skin and the planet deserve it.

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